Specialist biodiversity services for investors

Consumers increasingly wish to invest in more ethical and impactful ways, and to make a financial return while still contributing a measurable, positive social or environmental impact. Polls regularly show that millennials (collectively worth $1 trillion in consumer spending) want to see companies delivering more social value and would pay extra for more sustainable products.

Impact investment seeks to screen out investments in companies or products that have negative effects on people or the environment and screen in those that make a meaningful contribution to, for example, the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Although designed to be used at a country level, the goals can be applied to businesses or portfolios. To do so requires selecting the right targets and indicators and understanding how the goals are interrelated. The goals build from a base of environmental issues, particularly goals 14 and 15 (life below water and on land) that demonstrate the fundamental role of the biosphere. These underpin all the other potential impacts that investments can have.

Environmental, social and governance criteria can be used to give an overall view on sustainability risks, but the E in environmental, social and governance (ESG) typically focuses on greenhouse gas emissions, including some consideration of waste and water, but with biodiversity impacts and dependencies overlooked.

Consumers and funders are aware that there are more issues than just the climate: there are sustainability issues regarding timber, paper and palm oil, and rising awareness concerning soya, beef, leather, cocoa, rubber and other commodities. Governments are developing legislation on using products gathered illegally or unsustainably from nature anywhere in a company’s supply chain.

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How we can help

The role of the finance sector and expectations on how it can help to safeguard nature and facilitate sustainable development continue to grow. It is important that the finance sector supports and enhances biodiversity to mitigate the risks posed by biodiversity loss. There are advantages and opportunities created from putting sustainability at the heart of your portfolio and investment decisions. Our consultancy brings together specialist environmental advice with business expertise to help you navigate this developing area of finance.

Whether you are just starting to think about ‘greening’ your portfolio or are already part way through, Nature Positive can provide a range of expert services to inform your decision making. We can help you at any stage from high-level screening of options to due diligence. We can align your aims and goals towards becoming nature positive. Download our brochure here.