The leading international biodiversity management consultancy

Your business – every business – relies on nature. We chose to call our business Nature Positive because getting to be nature positive is the biggest challenge facing society. We all accept that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and get to net zero to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. But the Earth is a complex system and, accordingly, you cannot study only one aspect and expect to understand it. The natural environment provides everything that humanity needs, from goods such as food, timber, minerals and fibres to services such as clean air and water, waste decomposition, pollination and climate regulation. We must act to preserve it.

Directly or indirectly, your business – even an accountancy firm or management consultancy –depends on the Earth’s natural resources. The problem is that your dependence is often hidden in the value chain, off the balance sheet and assumed to be free and readily available. But even small changes in our natural environment can quickly impact your business, thereby exposing risks previously thought irrelevant.

Your business has huge potential to be a positive force for good and to centre sustainability as a competitive edge. Increasingly, companies are seeing the commercial advantages over the short and long term of having sustainability at the heart of the organisation.

Nature Positive is much more than a specialist sustainability consultancy. We are environmental scientists, biodiversity consultants, sustainability strategists and environmental business consultants. We help our clients understand their specific links to nature. Together, we help you quantify your dependence on nature and reshape your strategy and operations to unlock the commercial benefits of a nature-positive approach.