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    Nov 2021
    Written by Louise Nichols

    What does it mean to be nature positive?

    The phrase ‘nature positive’ has gained a lot of traction recently, not least, we like to think, because we chose it as our company name. But what does this phrase mean? It is a way to describe an essential first step on the path to full nature recovery. Being nature positive means reversing the current declines in biodiversity so that species and ecosystems begin to recover.

    The Global Goal for Nature, as described by, can be broken down into three main aims: no net loss of nature from 2020, net positive by 2030 and full recovery from 2050. ‘Nature positive’ describes the middle stage, a turning point towards a full recovery of thriving nature by 2050.

    JNCC report graph

    JNCC report graph (Source: JNCC Nature Positive 2030 Report)


    The Nature Positive 2030 report, released in September 2021, sets out how the UK can meet its commitments from the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature and ensure that nature’s recovery plays a critical role in the UK’s path to net zero. The report stresses the need to put our ambitions for nature recovery on the same footing as those for climate change. Those striving for net zero need to become nature positive too, as detailed in the summary report and evidence report.

    What does nature positive mean for businesses?

    Businesses across every sector can play a pivotal role in helping to address biodiversity loss. However, treading lightly and avoiding loss is no longer sufficient. Biodiversity loss could have a range of impacts, including disruption of supply chains, causing scarcity of materials and price inflation. Biodiversity loss is also becoming a key consumer issue. To correct our course, we need to go further and focus on what can be gained. Nature positive is a goal for the next decade and a stepping stone on the path to full nature recovery.

    What actions can businesses take?

    • Shoot for the stars! Set an ambitious vision that fully integrates with the corporate mission.
    • Understand your relationship with biodiversity. Nature is part of your value chain, so that is where you need to look. Biodiversity footprint assessments will help you do this.
    • Develop a biodiversity strategy with meaningful goals that follows the mitigation hierarchy of avoid, minimise, restore and offset.
    • Review, adapt and evolve – best practice is only the best until it is bettered.

    How we can help

    Nature Positive is a specialist sustainability consultancy that helps you to understand your business’s specific link to nature. Our team helps you to identify and quantify your dependence and impacts on nature. We enable organisations to reshape their strategies and operations to unlock the commercial benefits of a nature-positive approach. To find out more about the specific services we offer, please visit our services page or get in touch.

    *Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash