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    Sep 2022
    Written by Luka Brown

    We are official supporters of the Natural Capital Summit 2022

    Nature Positive is attending the Natural Capital Summit 2022, which will be taking place on 13 October 2022 in London. We are proud to announce that we are official supporters of the event!ย 

    This summit comes at a crucial time in the run-up to COP 15, with companies facing increasing pressure to act on nature-related risks and opportunities and while frameworks and methodologies to support businesses to measure, manage and report emerge. Businesses and investors (and their customers) across sectors are increasingly aware that the condition of our natural systems is directly material to our long-term ability to survive โ€“ and thrive.ย 

    By bringing senior leaders and experts in this field together, the event plans to assess and debate the many interwoven challenges that companies face when reporting on biodiversity and analyse the tools and methodologies available to assist this process. The key themes that will be discussed are:ย 

    • practical challenges of implementing the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) frameworkย 
    • nature-positive investment and nature-based solutionsย 
    • the potential of satellite technology for providing data on nature-related impactsย 
    • nature-related dataย 
    • integrating biodiversity and natural capital into economic and corporate planningย 
    • strategies for integrating TNFD and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)ย 
    • improving the use of metricsย 
    • understanding nature-related financial risks.

    Sharing knowledge, experience and expertise will help to unpick the challenges on integrating biodiversity and natural capital into a companyโ€™s planning, risk management, reputation, potential return on investments, share value and reporting functions.ย 

    Any company wishing to stay ahead of the curve on biodiversity reporting would benefit from attending the summit to get the latest information on impending regulation, tools and methodologies. Early adopters of biodiversity into business functions will see a competitive advantage in relation to their market, investors and stakeholders.ย 

    If youโ€™re looking to stay ahead of impending regulation, seeking to streamline your reporting or wanting to take the lead on sustainability, make sure you register now ย and use discount code BIOD2NP20 to get 20% off โ€“ we hope to see you there!ย 

    If you would like a pre-event discussion or to arrange a time to meet on the day, then please contactย 

    ย Natural Capital Summit

    *Banner image by James Parkย