Sustainable transformations and change management

Delivering change within organisations is a difficult task; delivering change that lasts is even harder. Reducing the impact of your biodiversity footprint and reducing the risks associated with reliance on biodiversity requires multiple organisational changes. These can range from running an awareness campaign or amending your procurement processes to changing the entire business model. Delivering these changes requires a clear and consistent approach over a sustained period, specifically after the implementation. Think about how many people stop running right after they have completed the event they trained for, rather than it becoming a feature of everyday life. We can support your business to create and implement the change management tools that will enable you to achieve the medium- and long-term impacts you desire.

Our experience of delivering projects has steered us to craft diverse and wide-ranging tools and techniques that reduce the change curve’s impact. To understand the best tools to use, we will assess your key changes and consider the stakeholders involved and how we can engage with each group. We will also consider the culture of your organisation and how this would impact the change implementation to understand the most impactful levers to use. This will be further enhanced by our experience of understanding nudge theory and choice architecture, and how this can be best incorporated into change management. We incorporate these elements into an agile change and communications plan and support you to deliver its components.

We also support external change activity, such as how a policy or activity will affect people outside your organisation. We can develop consultation plans and engage stakeholders to gather their feedback clearly and consistently. Once the data are collated, we can incorporate the results into the activity being undertaken and ensure that all feedback is responded to and considered. Ensuring a clear and thorough stakeholder process is key to ensuring all opinions are heard and applied appropriately.

If you are interested in how Nature Positive can support your business in delivering sustainable transformation and change management, please get in touch.