Sustainability strategies and action plans

The natural environment plays a critical role in the successful operation of every business. There are dependencies throughout the value chain that, if unacknowledged, could threaten the very things on which the viability of the business depends. To ensure a business activity fully considers biodiversity, it is vital to develop a strategy that identifies the required priorities and targets and brings nature into the heart of your organisation.

Businesses that understand their impact on nature and bring nature into the heart of their strategies can take steps to safeguard their futures. Furthermore, developing products and services that enhance or protect nature provides significant opportunities for a business to differentiate and grow.

We can help you to develop an independent biodiversity plan and integrate it into a broader sustainability strategy as a core element or embed biodiversity into your corporate strategy. Ensuring the strategy is fully integrated across the whole business and driving the future direction of the company will enable sustainability activities to be coordinated and impactful.

Part of the strategy’s design will be understanding the key risks, opportunities and dependencies upon which to build the key priorities for your business. These can be highly varied across sectors and will impact the actions and targets required. Nature Positive has a suite of services to help identify these key priorities, including biodiversity baseline assessment and biodiversity footprinting. Using these tools, we can clearly illustrate where your dependencies and impacts on biodiversity lie.

Once you know what your impacts, dependencies and opportunities relating to nature are, and the key levers defined in the strategy are agreed on, we can develop bespoke action plans to deliver your strategy and create a net-positive future.

If you are interested in how Nature Positive can support your business with its sustainability strategy and action plans, please get in touch.