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    Jun 2022
    Written by Luka Brown

    Sustainability case study: Network Rail

    Nature Positive was commissioned to develop a new sustainability key performance indicator to measure sustainability performance, which was integrated into a webtool to ensure ease of use and maximum exposure for the clientโ€™s workforce.ย 

    Embedding sustainable operations is a key strategic consideration for Network Rail, with areas such as decarbonisation, biodiversity and the circular economy principles of primary importance. The business wanted to develop a new key performance indicator (KPI) that would provide an accessible and standardised measure of its sustainability performance and act as a behaviour change tool for its workforce.ย 

    Nature Positive supported the creation of this KPI by providing sustainability advice and by developing methods to calculate a business-specific ecological footprint. The calculation incorporated metrics such as direct land use, energy use, resource procurement and the disposal of waste, among many others.ย 

    We used the companyโ€™s historical data to calculate three years of baseline figures for the KPI, to enable effective review and target setting to inform future performance. The metric will enable Network Rail to understand trends in its performance, it will enable business leaders to make strategic decisions and will aid communicating sustainability activity with employees and other stakeholders in a meaningful way.ย 

    For this project, Nature Positive partnered with RSK Business Solutions to bring the calculation and data entry into a digital tool, enabling fast processing and presentation of the outputs into an easy-to-use dashboard. The interactive dashboards provide a set of metrics split across time, area and contribution, enabling more in-depth interrogation of the results. The digital tool provides an overall KPI and a range of metrics to engage with both employees and leadership teams, as it was created with identified flexibility to adapt to future developments in analysis and reporting for the company.ย 

    A behavioural change assessment was integrated within the digital tool, to highlight and promote sustainable activities relevant to individual roles within Network Rail. The assessment contains behaviour questions, a scoring system and recommendations. This will help individuals to identify opportunities to adopt actions that will result in more sustainable operations. This more visible way of communicating sustainability performance and positive actions to staff helps empower colleagues of all levels to take action towards working in a more sustainable way.ย 

    Nature Positive worked closely with Network Rail to create this bespoke tool and delivered a fully tested solution to meet its needs.ย 

    Want help with your sustainability performance? At Nature Positive, our team works closely with our clients to offer bespoke sustainability advice and solutions. To find out more, please visit our services page.ย 

    *Banner photo by Alex Atudosie on Unsplash