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    Aug 2022
    Written by Kelsey Monteith

    Science-based targets for nature

    The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) is a collaboration between leading global non-profit and mission-driven organisations working together to equip companies and cities with the tools and guidance needed to set effective, science-based targets concerning their impacts on all of Earthโ€™s systems. ย 

    The SBTN forms one of four components of the Global Commons Alliance (GCA), a network aiming to empower citizens, cities, companies and countries to become planetary stewards by taking science-based action to protect people and planet. The SBTN recognises the entwined nature of climate and biodiversity through its goal for the worldโ€™s major companies and cities to have adopted science-based targets and taken action on climate, alongside water, land, oceans and biodiversity, by 2025.ย 

    The Science-based targets for nature builds on the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and its successful Science-based Targets for climate framework that helps businesses and cities become not only net-zero, but nature-positive.ย 

    Targets for nature will follow the AR3T framework (which stands for avoid, reduce, restore and regenerate, transform), with a focus on four key areas of fresh water, biodiversity, land and oceans, to help businesses to understand and assess their impacts and dependencies on nature throughout their value chain, enabling priority areas to be identified. The SBTi can then be applied to set SMART objectives, based on the best available science, to ensure that businesses continue to operate within planetary boundaries and support international goals. The SBTN would then provide a series of targets and indicators for companies to use to track progress over time to ensure that companies can leave a positive legacy through their actions.ย 

    Biodiversity-related risks and opportunities are taking their rightful place in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) discussions and recognising the fundamental links your business has to the natural world is of ever-increasing importance. The SBTN presents an opportunity for businesses to utilise the best available science and knowledge to ensure they can operate in a more sustainable and restorative way, aligning with growing shareholder and societal demands.ย 

    If you would like any advice on the SBTN or setting science-based targets for nature, please get in touch. The experts at Nature Positive can provide guidance on becoming a positive and sustainable business.ย 

    *Banner photo shows the Caspian Sea by NASAย