Practical mitigation, compensation and offsetting

Once you understand your full reliance and impacts on biodiversity, you can work out what your business needs to do to become nature positive. We can use your biodiversity footprint assessment and apply methods such as the hierarchical AR3T Action Framework to enable you to identify how your business can have the maximum effect in managing your biodiversity risks. Where biodiversity is harmed, businesses could minimise damage by eliminating and reducing impacts if they cannot be avoided. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and experience of business and practical conservation work to develop a framework of action to help you deliver net positive outcomes and get more bang for your biodiversity buck.

We can

  • identify areas where you can prevent harm
  • provide guidance on how to reduce and mitigate any impacts that you do have
  • offer expert advice on how to restore and regenerate sites that you have worked on
  • help you to invest in legitimate offsetting schemes to enable you to become nature positive.

When looking at the options for meaningful offsets, they can be simple or bespoke. One option might be to offset the equivalent size of your operations or, if you have calculated the size of your biodiversity footprint and know the size of your impact, your business could protect an area of habitat equivalent or greater in size. Alternatively, you could look to achieve biodiversity net gain or environmental net gain. These involve a range of metrics to determine the number of ecosystem services used across your business to make sure you are returning a net benefit to the planet. The Nature Positive team will help you understand what is most appropriate for your business and ensure you leave a positive legacy for nature.

If you are interested in finding out more about practical mitigation, compensation and offsetting, please contact the Nature Positive team.