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    Oct 2021
    Written by Jim White

    Our Nature Positive team is growing!

    The Nature Positive team has expanded. We are delighted to welcome Jim White to Nature Positive as a principal consultant. He brings with him a wealth of sustainability consulting experience that adds an extra dimension to our unique blend of skills in the Nature Positive team. The work Jim does helps to integrate operational sustainability into the heart of organisations. His skills in reporting, communication, data analysis and visualisation help to maintain a clear focus on the benefits to your organisation and he provides the governance required to achieve these benefits. Great to have you in the team, Jim!

    Jim White

    Jim has recently joined the Nature Positive teamย 

    We asked him a few questions to find out more about the experience and skills he brings to the team.

    How did you get into sustainability?

    My interest in sustainability developed from a love of the natural world, understanding the impact we have had and wanting to address my own footprint. As this became an important part of my personal life, I was then able to demonstrate my passion and thus manoeuvre my career into working towards sustainable objectives with my programme management and consultancy experience.

    Why Nature Positive?

    The perfect company, at the perfect time! Having worked towards various sustainability objectives, I decided I wanted to aim my career specifically towards protecting and restoring biodiversity. This is something I believe is not getting the global attention it deserves. Nature Positive was the perfect opportunity to combine my experience with an exciting company at the forefront of tackling the current biodiversity crisis and to work with a fantastic team of peopleโ€ฆit was a โ€˜no-brainerโ€™ really!

    In your role at Nature Positive, how do you help businesses become more sustainable?

    Having worked for a lot of my career in the construction sector I am used to working with organisations that have considerable sustainability impacts. Luckily, this also means there are substantial opportunities to improve! The key to any improvement is understanding the impacts that are apparent, whether social, economic or most importantly for us, environmental. Once we have established these, we can produce effective mitigation and improvement actions to make your business more sustainable, setting tangible, measurable goals to demonstrate progress.

    What are the values you are passionate about?

    I see ecological restoration as one of the most important things we, as a global society, can do to address the challenges facing this planet and to improve the lives of everyone on it! I am also passionate about addressing the imbalances in representation and equality that unfortunately still exist in the UK. Other than that, I can talk quite passionately about football, American football, boxing and music, especially after a beer.

    What do you do outside of work?

    I would say, depending on the day, I would be either quite active by playing for the Manchester Crows American Flag Football team, going to the gym or going for a hike with my partner and dog, or I would be very sedentary, watching too much TV!

    What country is top of your travel bucket list?

    I was lucky enough to visit Brazil and Argentina in 2019, which had been at the top of my list for a long while. I’d like to visit Biaล‚owieลผa Forest in Poland. Other trips high up on my list would be visiting Yellowstone National Park in America or hiring a camper van to see as much of New Zealand as possible.

    What is your favourite animal?

    Another tough one, but I think I will go with a jaguar. Part of what made my trip to Brazil so special was visiting the Pantanal and being able to see jaguars in the wild!

    Do you have any pets?

    I am blessed to be entertained daily by our two-year-old lurcher called Archie, who we rescued 13 months ago.

    Anything else you want to add?

    Just that I am excited about the work that Nature Positive is doing.



    We are excited to work with you too, Jim.

    As we grow our team, Nature Positive is always on the lookout for people with interest and experience in business and sustainability. If this sounds like you, please get in touch or connect with us on LinkedIn.ย ย 

    *Photo by Marc Pell on Unsplash