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    Oct 2022
    Written by Conrad Tuckey

    Nature Positive’s Summer Internship 2022

    The Nature Positive team was delighted to host Conrad for an eight-week paid placement from July to August 2022 as part of Oxford Universityโ€™s Crankstart Scholar internship programme.ย 

    Conrad has just finished his second year of an economics and management undergraduate degree at Trinity College, Oxford. Wanting to understand why nature is under-valued and treated as an โ€˜externalityโ€™ rather than a foundation of activity and how our social structures shape our responses to sustainability challenges were key reasons for him choosing to study economics and management.ย 

    After he completed his internship, we asked him a few questions about his experience working in our team.ย 

    What have you enjoyed most about your internship with Nature Positive?ย 

    One thing I really enjoyed was learning about the various projects that Nature Positive has done; it has been really interesting to gain an understanding of what businesses have on their sustainability agenda and where they need support. Working on a variety of projects has also kept my work engaging and has pushed me to broaden my skillset.ย 

    It was also great to meet people from across RSK. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming, and all have interesting stories or bits of information to share, such as the carbon value of one forest elephant being $1.75 million!ย 

    What are some key things you have learned during your time with us?ย 

    The importance of biodiversity: usually, we only hear about the importance of climate change but the wider, and connected, challenge of biodiversity loss is still being overlooked. Fortunately, I have also learned that change is happening and that there are plenty of businesses genuinely interested in integrating sustainability into their operations.ย 

    Additionally, the variety of projects I have been involved in has taught me a lot of transferable skills. For instance, I have learned how to carry out qualitative analysis and manage data while working on RSK Biocensusโ€™s pledges to nature, which will certainly be helpful for my degree and beyond. Working on a guide to sustainability for small businesses has also helped me improve my communication skills.ย 

    Has your time working with Nature Positive changed your perspective on what you might want to do in the future?ย 

    Before this internship, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in sustainability but was unsure of what that might look like. There are so many areas to explore, and Nature Positive has helped me understand the management consulting sector.ย 

    One thing I have learned is that there is a lot more out there than I imagined when it comes to a career in promoting sustainability! I am still not entirely sure of what I would like to do in the future but I have been inspired to find out more about consultancy and other areas such as policy. Whatever I do, my experience with Nature Positive has reinforced the importance of working with a passionate and value-driven organisation.ย 

    Thank you, Conrad, for everything you have done during your placement and good luck with the rest of your university course. As we grow our team, Nature Positive is always on the lookout for people with interest and experience in business and sustainability. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.ย 

    Conrad Tuckey Internship

    Conrad (left) at RSK Biocensusโ€™s BioBlitz at Blenheim Palace (image source: Louise Nichols)ย 

    *Banner image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash