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    Apr 2022
    Written by Ros Kennerley

    Nature Positive signs up to Get Nature Positive!

    Nature Positive has joined more than 140 other signatories in committing to the Get Nature Positive journey. We believe every business has a part to play in conserving biodiversity, so not only do we help our own clients to become nature positive, but we are doing so ourselves.ย 

    Get Nature Positive


    The Get Nature Positive campaign invites businesses to commit to starting the journey to become nature positive by 2030. This campaign was founded by the Council for Sustainable Business (CSB) and commissioned by Defra. We invite other forward-thinking companies to pledge to join the journey as well.ย 

    There are plenty of helpful resources available through the campaignโ€™s website, such as the Nature Handbook. This handbook is a useful starting point to help businesses prepare for and navigate the global effort to change the curve of nature and biodiversity loss. There is lots of information about the movement to Get Nature Positive and we encourage you and your networks to find out more and join too.ย 

    Have you already pledged your business to be nature positive by 2030?ย 

    Firstly, we commend you for joining this movement to raise awareness and take action on nature. We would like to offer our support in helping your pioneering business deliver your target. Is there an area you are most unsure about delivering? Nature Positive works with companies at all stages of their biodiversity journeys. Often, this begins with a biodiversity baseline assessment to identify your biggest impacts on nature. We can also support businesses further on in their journeys by creating plans, implementing actions and undertaking monitoring. Find out about ourย specialist biodiversity services for businesses or take a look at our services for inverstors. If you are interested in talking with us further, please send us a message.ย 

    Get Nature Positive