Monitoring and reporting

Increasing demands for better external reporting and greater transparency mean that clearly demonstrating your progress towards your sustainability goals is crucial. Measuring and monitoring your impacts on biodiversity provides a robust basis for reporting, as well as helping to grow your reputation as an environmentally conscious business. This should increase customer and shareholder confidence and provide a great opportunity for positive communications and marketing. Furthermore, providing high-quality reports in your organisation helps your employees to understand how they and your business can make a positive difference.

Nature Positive will help you to collate, analyse and present meaningful information on your impacts on nature to report formally, using the UN Global Reporting Initiative, against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or with your own in-house approach. Accurate and transparent disclosures help to minimise business and reputational risks. Reporting on nature-related risks in this way helps to reassure investors and shareholders that your business has a viable future.

Nature Positive will also help you realise value from your sustainability reporting and align that to your sustainability strategies. We can identify areas where sustainability reporting can contribute most effectively to your business and ensure a clear message. We can also work with you to define valuable key performance indicators to monitor your performance towards your targets and to utilise tools such as dashboards to make your results visually appealing and easy to interpret.

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you with monitoring and reporting, please get in touch.