In-depth analysis

The Nature Positive team will review the operations of a company or group of companies to identify the specific sustainability risks that relate to it and its supply chain. With our expertise in biodiversity and our toolkit of services for highlighting sustainability-related risks and opportunities, we are ideally placed to provide in-depth analysis for any chosen sector, business or portfolio.

We have a suite of tools that enable us to highlight biodiversity threats and dependencies. These include baseline biodiversity assessments and supply chain risk assessments.

  • Baseline biodiversity assessments are used to assess a company’s direct operations and the impact of those on nature. We look at the locations of sites and known activities, and cross-reference against biological records in those areas.
  • Supply chain risk assessments are used to assess a company’s supply chain and identify upstream impacts or dependencies on nature. We cross-reference the sources of raw materials or processes against their locations and local biodiversity records. This is used to flag nature-related risks and dependencies, including potential embedded deforestation, pollution and water-resource risks.

The screening process will help flag any geographical locations, service lines or biodiversity dependencies from an early stage. These flags will help apprise you of any supply-chain or reputational risks to consider before proceeding. This in-depth analysis will give you a better understanding of the biodiversity issues and risks associated with an investment and can be used to inform your decision-making process.

If you would like to find out more about how Nature Positive can carry out in-depth analysis for you, please get in touch.