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    Nov 2021
    Written by Jim White

    How is the FTSE 100 addressing biodiversity?

    In the first of an annual report series, Nature Positive has reviewed the publicly available literature relating to the FTSE 100 to understand how our largest companies are tackling their impacts on biodiversity and how far they have progressed toward becoming nature positive.

    Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, including everything from bacteria to all species of animals and plants and the genetic variety within each species. The interactions between these species, known as ecosystems, are complex, but from these interactions we derive all the goods and services that sustain human life. Unfortunately, ecosystem degradation and biodiversity decline are occurring at an unprecedented rate, which continues to accelerate. This loss of nature, driven by human activity and our drive for economic growth, harms human health and wellbeing and jeopardises the future prosperity of our economy.

    Although companies are increasing the quantity and quality of their sustainability disclosures as they grapple with the challenge of achieving net zero carbon emissions, few appear to understand the role of biodiversity in underpinning this and everything else they do. This report provides a first snapshot of the progress of the largest UK companies in tackling biodiversity-related issues. We will establish how many FTSE 100 companies reference biodiversity in their literature, will investigate how different market sectors are approaching biodiversity and will give current examples of best practice in improving the management of biodiversity to reverse these negative global trends.

    Read the full report to find out more.

    Nature Positive is a specialist sustainability consultancy that helps businesses understand their specific link to nature. We help identify and quantify your dependence and impacts on nature and enable you to reshape your strategy to work towards a nature positive future. To find out more about the specific services we offer businesses, please visit our services page or get in touch.