Due diligence and transaction support

The increasing profile of biodiversity and natural capital issues and the speed of growth of consumer awareness mean that biodiversity and natural-capital issues are more relevant than ever to investment decisions. The role of the finance sector in safeguarding biodiversity is growing, but this can be difficult to navigate in a diligence and asset-management context. We can provide risk registers and support for achieving International Finance Corporation Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6) and World Bank ESS6.

  • IFC PS6 objectives are intended to protect and conserve biodiversity and habitats, maintain the benefits of ecosystem services and promote sustainable management of living natural resources.
  • World Bank ESS6 objectives are similar to IFC PS6 and aim to implement the protection of people and the environment.

These frameworks represent minimum compliance for lending decisions. IFC PS6 has been adopted by the Equator Principles Financial Institutions when making lending decisions. In addition, under ESS6, bank funds cannot be used to finance projects that involve significant degradation of critical habitat. Nature Positive can help interpret what IFC PS6 and World Bank ESS6 mean for your company or investment and what the steps are to align with those standards. Our team will work closely with you from the beginning to help achieve compliance and explore how to move beyond the frameworks.

The team can also help to identify potential risks to and impacts on biodiversity or habitats and inform investment and asset-management decisions. We can help integrate the mitigation hierarchy into your financial decision making. By using biodiversity data to enhance decision making during your diligence process, we will enable you to protect biodiversity and enhance asset value.

For mergers and acquisitions, this in-depth analysis can be used as part of your 100-Day Plan to jump-start the value creation process. Taking steps early in the investment lifecycle with support from Nature Positive will help prioritise levers to create value and identify ways to reduce the nature-related risks and dependencies carried by your organisation.

If you would like to find out more about how Nature Positive can help with due diligence and transaction support, please get in touch.