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    Oct 2022
    Written by Katherine Risk

    COP15? Weren’t we on COP26?

    Just last year, the UK hosted COP26 in Glasgow. This Conference of the Parties, or COP as it is known, was the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference that focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fuel transition, climate transition financing and climate adaptation. It also started to touch on the role of nature in the climate crisis through opportunities such as nature-based solutions or carbon sinks. 

    However, there is a different COP, which will be held this year after two years of delays: COP15, the 15th United Nations Biodiversity Conference. This COP focuses entirely on nature: preventing further decline and promoting restoration. 

    This COP is being hosted by China, but owing to COVID-19 restrictions, will be located in Montreal, Canada. The aim for the conference is to agree a post-2020 global biodiversity framework that will define the targets and actions best placed to support nature over the coming ten years. In a similar way to climate targets, the biodiversity framework will be agreed at a national level, with governments putting in place actions to achieve these targets. Many of these actions, potentially new laws or policies, will impact businesses across a range of sectors. 

    For businesses, keeping on top of the potential implications of the post-2020 biodiversity framework will be important, to identify both the risks and the opportunities it presents. 

    We will be sharing information and reports throughout the COP15 event in Canada, so keep an eye out for our posts! If you want to learn more about how the convention is developing so far and how your business can prepare, please do get in touch. 

    *Banner image by Lee Jeffs on Unsplash