Biodiversity due diligence and screening

Understanding the inherent risks to nature posed by new sites, projects, products and services is important. Nature Positive, as a leading biodiversity consultancy, can provide different levels of screening, ranging from high-level rapid screening and due diligence to in-depth analyses before you invest time or money into potentially risky ventures. The Nature Positive team has the experience and understanding of using global datasets for biodiversity to assess situations accurately. We have the expertise to analyse and prioritise these carefully and provide clients with outputs that clearly illustrate the risks and opportunities in an easy-to-understand way and enable informed decisions to be made.

If you are looking at options for a new site, business line or source of supply and want to understand the key nature-based risks, Nature Positive can provide you with a rapid screening of the impacts on biodiversity for each location. We do this by examining the locations, cross-referencing against areas of high biodiversity value or locations of vulnerable species, and mapping any routes by which they could be affected by your operations. We will provide you with a set of scored impacts and a ranking matrix for each location. From this screening process, we can make recommendations about potential biodiversity risks and opportunities.

Screening your options in this way enables biodiversity to be considered in the decision-making process. It also provides you with a clear picture of potential biodiversity impacts. Causing damage to areas important to nature can have adverse effects on your company’s reputation, supply-chain security and financial performance, and can have legal implications. Completing due diligence and screening enables your company to make fully informed business decisions and helps protect your business from future challenges.

If you are interested in how Nature Positive can help your company with due diligence and screening, please get in touch.