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    Apr 2022
    Written by Jill MacKeith

    A new member for our Nature Positive team!

    The Nature Positive team has expanded. We are delighted to welcome Jill MacKeith to Nature Positive as a Sustainability Management Consultant. Jill brings with her a wealth of project management experience and sustainability learning that adds an extra dimension to our unique blend of skills in the Nature Positive team.

    Jill MacKeith

    Jill has recently joined the Nature Positive team

    We asked her a few questions to find out more about the experience and skills she brings to the team.

    How did you get into sustainability?

    My interest in sustainability was sparked from an economics lecture. I found it fascinating that the many services that nature provides are treated as externalities and are not included in the final cost of the provision of goods or services. This interest led me to study an MSc in sustainable development and then another MSc in environment science in 2005. A big part of sustainability for me is about efficiency. Nature does not waste; conversely, in our society many of our businesses and systems (including energy generation) are extremely wasteful and inefficient. There is so much room for improvement. Now, many successful businesses are working towards the principle of the circular economy and this is where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. For me, sustainability is a very interesting area of work and there is a lot of work to do!

    Why Nature Positive?

    We cannot reach net zero or achieve biodiversity net gain without the transformation of businesses. My belief is that most businesses do want to become nature positive and those that do will be the best protected from all kinds of risk.

    In your role at Nature Positive, how do you help businesses become more sustainable?

    I bring project management, analysis, problem solving and change management expertise along with general sustainability and environmental knowledge. Iโ€™ve worked in a number of different sectors, including local government, rail, financial services and consulting.

    What do you do outside of work?

    I spend time with my family.

    What country is top of your travel bucket list?


    What is your favourite animal?


    Do you have any pets?

    Yes, two mice โ€“ Jerry and Special Agent Donut.

    As we grow our team, Nature Positive is always on the lookout for people with interest and experience in business and sustainability. If this sounds like you, please get in touch.